Overview of MEI

Mueller Exploration, Inc. (MEI) has been on the leading edge of exploration services for over five decades.  Our "growth through the drill bit" success comes from a unique mix of old and new.  The latest technological innovations combined with traditional business values of honesty and hard work serve to provide innovative efficiency to our clients.

MEIís operational experience includes the onsite supervision of drilling operations along the Gulf Coast with water base and oil base mud systems in the Mid-Continent with water base, air and foam systems, including vertical and horizontal wells.Completion experience includes designing and implementation of cement systems for successful primary cementation of the completion casing, designing and onsite implementing of acid and frac stimulations and flow back, coil tubing, and snubbing unit workover of these wells and the design and installation of the production equipment and flow line.Duties also entail the hiring of the pumper and overseeing the producing operations for these wells. MEI also operates and maintains a rental fleet of Ajax natural gas compressors.


         Evaluate feasibility and economic viability of exploration projects, using all available data.

         Assemble data for project presentation.

         Handle acquisition of leases.

         Develop marketing packages for projects.

         Market project to industry partners.

         Manage the permitting, drilling and completion phases of the project in the safest, most cost-effective manner.

         Manage producing properties, to include maximization of income, total reserve recovery, and minimization of expense.

         Facilitate and enhance production acquisitions.


         1957 -- MEI founded by Joseph P. Mueller as a consulting company.  Expands into oil and gas property management, purchasing and enhancing field production, and drilling exploration wells.

         1993 -- Paul Mueller assumes company leadership.

         1994 --  MEI at the forefront of 3-D seismic prospecting.


         South and Central Texas, with emphasis in the Miocene, Frio, Vicksburg, Yequa and Wilcox Trends

         Pennsylvania, Ellenberger and Devonian Trends in West Texas and New Mexico

         Trenton/Black River play in West Virginia

         International experience


Last update: May 20, 2019


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